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Rosebery Silo Art Underway

Rosebery Silo Art Underway

The Rosebery Silo Art is underway and is the sixth installation as part of the hugely successful Silo Art Trail. Street artist Kaff-eine is expected to take approximately 6 weeks to create the masterpiece that is drawing much social media attention.

Who is Kaff-eine?

While studying at law school in Melbourne, Kaff-eine was drawn to the graffiti around her. Inspired by the chance to make art anonymously for unknown audiences, she later developed her drawing skills, left the law, and launched a successful career as a street artist.

Kaff-eine’s early works were influenced by personal stories and symbolism, and she describes her striking and darkly sensual, character-based style as ‘loaded with symbolism and narrative.’  On the street, she is best known for her signature ‘deer hunter’ characters; dreamily sensual, half deer-half human figures.

Having worked on projects in diverse communities around the world, Kaff-eine’s work encourages audiences to engage with social and political issues. She often does so by giving non-artists the tools for creative self-expression that allow them to mark their community or public space in productive ways – in the process helping to connect marginalised communities and facilitate social change.

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