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Your help is needed!

Your help is needed!


Picture this – sitting under the Wimmera Sky looking up at the largest performance theatre in the region, watching the best projection/aerial and shadow show that the community has been an essential part of making…

This is what Y Space and other Natimuk based Artists are hoping to achieve during this year’s Nati Fringe Biennale (Nov 3-5).

Y Space and other Natimuk based Artists have been using the local Silos as their own theatre since 2002 and they are all geared up to perform a silo show at the Nati Frinj titled DUSK.

Each night of the Festival will see a different show performed, that changes to reflect the experience of the Frinj audience in “the day that was” at the festival. That’s right – the audience get to make the show!

 BUT the group needs your help!

To make DUSK a reality, the group needs to raise $20,000.

Nati Frinj Biennale are running a crowd funding campaign on behalf of the Silo Show at Nati Frinj Festival.

All donations are tax deductable and greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to share and spread the word and check out teaser for the show here: